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The Bay Bridge House project is creating a community to bring together passionate people who share a desire to see a little piece of our history saved. We are seeking donations, support and contributions of all types.

For your generous donation, financial donors will receive the following:

$50 donation Receive a t-shirt with “I support Bay Bridge House” printed on it
(black or white)
$100 donation Receive a polo-shirt with “I support Bay Bridge House” embroidered on it
(black, white, navy blue, pink)
$1,000 – $4999 Receive a small piece of the historic Bay Bridge with your name engraved on it
(excellent and unique gift for someone else too)
$5,000 – $24,999 Receive a piece of the historic Bay Bridge with your name engraved on it as well
as a Plaque in the entrance of the Bay Bridge House identifying you as a major contributor to the project.
$25,000 – $49,999 Receive all of the above, as well as a one night stay in the Bay Bridge House.
More than $50,000 Receive all of the above, as well as a one week stay in the Bay Bridge House or the whole-facility reserved for a full weekend for a private event.

We will be attaching a plaque at the entrance of the house that will include a short story of the Oakland Span of the Bay Bridge, a short story about Bay Bridge House, the names of major contributors, sponsors and partners. With proper care, the Bay Bridge House and the plaque will become part of Bay Area’s historic sites with many generations enjoying the architecture and splendor that once was the Bay Bridge.

We are also seeking a small plot of land with a view of the new Bay Bridge on which to build the Bay Bridge House. The idea is for visitors to the house to be able to stay in the historic old Bay Bridge, while having a spectacular view of the new bridge. It will be an epic experience for any history lover.

The Bay Bridge House is also looking for companies, organizations, government agencies that would be interested in being part of our project as donors, sponsors, partners, or even volunteers. We would like to launch this project with as much Bay Area support as possible.

Volunteers, keep it in the Bay Area! We are seeking contractors, architects, structural engineers, lawyers, artists, writers, journalists and creative thinkers. We need all types to of people to make this a success. Have some time, want to help? Reach out to us.

If you have other items you would like to donate (pianos, classic/historic furniture, artwork…) please let us know. Even if you have leftover construction materials that would otherwise go to a dump or be scrapped, Let us know to see if we can recycle it!