To promote a Community Project to save

pieces of the historic


and create a modern contemporary self-sustaining

ECO housing and COWORK multi-use space.

When this bridge is demolished,

where will the scrap go?


June 2012, after contacting CALTRANS

regarding the bridge,

I was informed that a majority of it

will be Scrapped.

Let’s save a piece for us.A piece of our history will be gone forever. Some of the bridge should remain behind for future generations to enjoy. There are plans for pieces in Gateway Park, maybe a pier with a view where the bridge once was and even talks of pieces in a museum. We think that something more creative should be done with some of the scrap. Let’s use a few small sections and create the most modern self-sustaining housing and eco multi-use space in the world. With assistance from Bay Area individuals, organizations, companies and government we can source all of the build parts locally and create something magical and unique for everyone to enjoy.

Steel I-beams, Road Sections

Concrete, Girders

can all be used to build with.

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We are looking for a few

good men and women

that would be interested

in helping out with Bay Bridge House.

Do you want to be a part of our project? There are many ways to get involved with the Bay Bridge House. Bridges bring people together and we’re relying on the participation of talented, creative and passionate supporters like you.

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Bay Bridge | History

The largest cantilever bridge

of its time, the Oakland part of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge

is on the National Registry of Historic Places.

“The planned demolition of half of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge represents one of the greatest single losses of a historic resource in the modern history of the United States.”

More History…

By The Numbers


construction began July 9th


the bridge opened November 12th


million dollars to build


foot wide cantilever bridge


feet long


men worked on the Bay Bridge


million cars crossed the first year


million cars cross per year currently

A true part of our

History is about

to be gone forever.

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The Future is Now

the new  Bay Bridge